Jean-Louis Gaillard
Jean-Louis Gaillard

Pastor Jean-Louis Gaillard has been producing programs for Christian radio and television stations worldwide for the past 5 years. His collection of stories are taken from his radio and television broadcasts and are intended to be listened to daily over the course of a year.

Most of the stories are either true or inspired from actual events and aim to encourage believers in their Christian walk. Enjoy listening and may you be encouraged by God!



Bandes dessinées

TitleSizeHitsDate addedDownload
005.Hands 2.81 MB34517-07-2019 Download
006 Paid in full... yet somany regrets 5.31 MB32517-07-2019 Download
008. La revanche du chrétien 4.18 MB74717-07-2019 Download
009 Mouving house.. 5.53 MB33117-07-2019 Download
011 Histoire de coeur V.T 306.73 KB32117-07-2019 Download
012. Daddy is at the wheel 7.45 MB88517-07-2019 Download
013 Aux urgences 3.14 MB35017-07-2019 Download
014.Savoir s'arrêter 461.61 KB74417-07-2019 Download
017- Come to the Father 3.49 MB36217-07-2019 Download
018 Two sick men! 4.38 MB89817-07-2019 Download
019. The forgiveness and the love of a father 7.24 MB33917-07-2019 Download
020. The consequences of a bad foundation 6.66 MB32817-07-2019 Download
021.The Bible and glasses 3.98 MB33817-07-2019 Download
022 Don’t kill the dog 1.25 MB54417-07-2019 Download
023. Being faithful in little things 3.54 MB34017-07-2019 Download
024. Mister Roth 4.32 MB34617-07-2019 Download
026. The dirty laundry through the window 1.43 MB30517-07-2019 Download
027. Redeemed by the blood! 1.20 MB32817-07-2019 Download
028. The depressed man 1.53 MB33817-07-2019 Download
029. Saved by the Great Engineer 1.22 MB27317-07-2019 Download
030. Beer changed into furniture! 881.74 KB32517-07-2019 Download
031. Surprising riches in reserve 1.29 MB30717-07-2019 Download
032.The Door that was Marked with Blood 5.77 MB29017-07-2019 Download
033. The Old lady and the Pastors son! 3.00 MB46617-07-2019 Download
034. Consecration 2.48 MB30217-07-2019 Download
035. In the shadow of your wings 2.05 MB30917-07-2019 Download
037. Hidden under the bed 2.40 MB30817-07-2019 Download
039. Rich or poor 2.03 MB32017-07-2019 Download
040.Like Patrick or like Jesus 1.92 MB57917-07-2019 Download
041. The final auction 6.24 MB27417-07-2019 Download
044. The old man and the chair 1.38 MB28817-07-2019 Download
046. His last words. 1.66 MB30917-07-2019 Download
047. Honesty test 1.63 MB28317-07-2019 Download
050. The shipwreck 2.64 MB27617-07-2019 Download
053. A young Colombian girl 1.44 MB29517-07-2019 Download
057. Ashamed of your hands ! 1.98 MB25417-07-2019 Download
059. When God orders... 1.47 MB24617-07-2019 Download
082. Weak beginnings ! 1.07 MB26417-07-2019 Download
083. The Savior by David Livingstone ! 1.38 MB28917-07-2019 Download
084. The fourth lightbulb 1.75 MB25117-07-2019 Download
088. Little dog against big dog 1.88 MB28117-07-2019 Download
094. Earthquake in China ! 2.55 MB32617-07-2019 Download
095. Moody’s brother! 3.56 MB50517-07-2019 Download
107. Courage, I am coming soon ! 1.19 MB23617-07-2019 Download
109.Capitulation behind the door ! 4.56 MB26817-07-2019 Download
110. The young violinist ! 2.88 MB27017-07-2019 Download


As we are a growing non profit organisation (Association Le Témoignage), we rely on donations to carry out our mission.
Gifts allows us to broadcast on the airwaves, record stories in profesionnal studio, pay professional translators, etc…

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